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Note: upcoming in-depth how-to workflow features will include 1) the Zen of digital fine art printing, 2) the Zen of POD—a writer's guide to book print on demand self-publishing—from editing, layout, and design to creating a professional index, and 3) a primer for video editing with Final Cut Express HD, and working with Adobe After Effects.


Early Adopter/Mac Advocate

I'm a longtime user of the Mac from Apple, Inc. I've been writing about Mac computers and related wares since 1986; at the time I used a Macintosh Plus and (MS Word) to not only write my bestselling book—The Magnificent Book of Kites (Sterling Publishing, NYC)—but to also design kites with (MacDraft).

In 2007, a Mac and I with the help of InDesign went to work; I designed and did the layout for my latest book: An Artist Empowered. This was a daunting but not impossible task; it is not unusual for a mainstream publisher to employ ten or more people in various phases of production to create a book.

While writing, I used NoteTaker extensively and Grammarian Pro every day. More about this experience is also noted below.


In this section, you will find links in the sidebar to my ongoing series of articles, features, and recommendations for:

Philosophy: No Ratings Here

I focus on products that help me organize and communiate; and this includes photography (from digital to the vintage Polaroid SX-70 folding camera), video, sound, music, plus maintenance tools that enhance my computer. No ratings or comparisons here for this reason: If I'm writing about, then know in advance that I have already researched the item and found it of value.

For Example—Adobe CS3

Whereas many reviews out there are generalized to point out features and issues, I tend to focus on how I used a specific apps or piece of equipment on a real world project—for example, in an upcoming piece about Adobe CS3 Design Premium, I'm including a brief overview of InDesign and Acrobat Professional, and more imporant—how I used these (and a few great plug-ins) apps to design, edit, write, and produce my latest book: An Artist Empowered.

I take this article further. Today, a dedicated individual with a 'pinch' of talent, a computer, and the right sofware can become a publisher—and, to this end, I recommend the services of for four reasons: 1). no costly set up fees in lieu of percentage of sales—fair enough; 2). they handle all the accounting of sales and royalies; 3). their system allowed me full control over designing the book cover and inside pages; 4). and Published by Me, a versatile and beneficial to the author book distribution package.

Hollywood Lights and Book Signings

In another upcoming article, I will be describing how Dramatica Pro and Movie Magic Screenwriter (both from Write Brothers, Inc.) can help you develop the structure for a coherent and complete novel or a dynamic and character driven film script that leaves the audience satisfied.

A la Carte

I trust that you will find my perspective on computer-related articles of value.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be adding my articles linked in the sidebar. I invite you to visit often and to explore the rest of the site.»



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