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A question

Dear Eden,
at which point can/should the artist’s true voice be free of conditioning and culture?
In Australian Aboriginal language, there are many words equivalent to ‘we’ but no word to say ‘I’. The tribe is all there is, and tradition is law. Their artistic inspiration is what they call ‘my (my tribe’s) dreaming’ yet Australian contemporary Aboriginal Art is considered the only real original ‘art movement’ since the 80’s. Any thoughts?


Your Garden of Paradise

Dear Eden,

Your paintings show such playfulness. You must have fun in your Garden, Eden.
I came looking for you after hearing your inspiring words on Smartist yesterday…can’t wait to go further on the journey with you.


Hi to Eden


Thank you for sharing this wonderful site, it helps to enlighten lots of people who experiences difficulties in their lives.

More to come!





Art is the Truth of the soul.

I’m so happy I found your site through Janet Riehl and look forward to the exploration.

Thank you, Eden!


from a loving friend

“I swear, since seeing Your face,
the whole world is fraud and fantasy
The garden is bewildered as to what is leaf
or blossom. The distracted birds
can’t distinguish the birdseed from the snare.

A house of love with no limits,
a presence more beautiful than venus or the moon,
a beauty whose image fills the mirror of the heart.”

i have cherished the lessons you have shared with me, and hold a great space for you in my heart.  i “trust” you are doing well, and i “trust” you are in good health.

the brillance of you, is in your very being.
the artist is the masterpeice.

what is art? you asked me, art is doing!

all my love,


Bossa Nova Let’s Dance

This site is an original adventure in art. I love the way you pose concepts without judging. And your art, for some reason, reminds me Jobim!

Thank you!


New Year Ego

This blog has got me thinking more about my ego and to be honest, my ego has gotten me into trouble—especially with my paintings.

New year, less thinking, new awareness.


The Real Deal!

Thank you for your encouraging words. Your thoughts mean a lot to me, especially when I see the quality of your art, which tells me I have found the real deal.


Zen Again

I love the Zen aspect of this blog because it portrays fundamental understandings without dogma or politics.

And, as I read these blog entries on Buddhism, I’m beginning to better appreciate the art—which is original and wonderful.


A Site to Remember

Art from the soul
Thought provoking blogs
An Artist Empowered - a truly motivating book for anyone with   a goal

Keep them coming!


Hi to Eden

Hi Eden,

I always admire your art and your positive attitude

Your friend,



Magic Art

I looked at Eden’s art and I could say I see magic.



The guestbook feature of this site has been down for a while, but is now working. I encourage you to contribute your thoughts.



I forgot : From the vision comes the People.
Do you thinkso?

Noch was

-Fourteen black paintings-
from the pain comes the dream
From the dream comes the Vision
From the People come the Power
From that power comes the change

Do you kow this serie of ´black paintings´. Francesco Goya had made it after the impression of the french-spanish war in 1792. He realised human cruelty.
I say Peace! Jah surely lives allthough, that´s obvious.
Sincerly yours M.
Adam in Eden- Paradise now, Therapygarden