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soul of fine art

Blues in my Sky

We said, I do
On a beautiful day
In June.

We did not have
A honeymoon,
Or walking hand
In hand at the shore,

But I did not care.

Now, beatings from
My father nevermore.

At the time you saved
Me. But soon you wanted
To be free of me and our
Children three.

Happily ever after
Was not to be.

And so it was
For an eternity.

Like a thief
In the night,
And without a
Fight, you took
What belonged
To me.

The inspiration to
Write poetry.

And now my soul
Is sad.

The heart is broken.

My identity is not mine
And must write the
Next line without
A Rhyme.»


Adele, 2002, Fair Lawn, NJ

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