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Adele’s Poetry


Adele is my mother.

She was born a poet at heart. Circumstances did not allow this gift to surface for most of her adult life. Talent needs opportunity.

As the last flowers to bloom in the spring are often the most beautiful, so too is my mother.

Her poems are simple and direct. Her feelings rise from deep within her soul.

Adele showed me by example to persevere and not give up on my dream. She taught me well. She gave her three children some thing money can’t buy; she gave us values in equal amounts.

The rest was up to each one of us.

Her encouragement and faith allowed me to ultimately find my purpose in life. I am an artist. There is one essential element we all have in common and that is the desire to discover and fulfill our destiny.

My mother’s emotions and words are pure, not borrowed. She uses her own language. You don’t need an extensive vocabulary to make your self understood; you need only know how you feel—the words will take care of themselves.

Let us be the first to express the quality of truthfulness before we expect it of others.

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It is honesty we seek in relationships and it is in poetry if the truth is to be told.»

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