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An Artist Empowered:

Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist—Now

by Eden Maxwell


After ten years of research, development, and writing, my latest book, An Artist Empowered, is now available.

BOOK PREVIEW DOWNLOAD: the table of contents, prologue, and sample chapters are available here.

Doggies, Kittens & Friends

Ordering the printed book or the eBook version for Adobe Digital Editions directly from (you can also click the book cover icon in the sidebar) will support my donation to The Humane Society of the United States.

Note: You can buy the eBook version for the Amazon Kindle here. Barnes & Noble Nook users can buy the ebook version here. If you have an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, you can order and download the book through the iBookstore directly from your device.


Early praise:

"An Artist Empowered is an intriguing book that uses real-life anecdotes, thought-provoking reflections, and humorous insights to explore how to create and lead a life worth living. The powerful and timeless principles make this an evocative page-turner. Read it and reap."

Sam Horn, author of POP! Stand Out in any Crowd and Tongue Fu!®

"Eden Maxwell reminds us that the Creator is the source of all talent and fulfillment, which he makes clear in his entertaining and insightful chapter: Mozart or Muzak."

Al Kasha, Academy Award-winning composer, songwriter

"This is a wonderful book that both encourages and surprises. Perfect for all creative people, wherever they may be along their path."

Eric Maisel, Ph.D., Creativity for Life

"The main theme of An Artist Empowered runs parallel with making it as a true adventurer. Adventure, like art, is its own reward. If you're good enough, true enough, robust enough, monetary reward can follow because people recognize the integrity in your work. Honesty and belief in who we are and what we do must prevail, and this is what Eden Maxwell's book encourages. It's a perfect reference for anyone, not just artists, desiring
to affirm their individuality."

Eric Philips, explorer/author, Ice Trek: A Journey to the South Pole

"An Artist Empowered is a passionate and persuasive work of altruism. Eden Maxwell bares his soul to carry ours through the tumultuous trials of becoming a true artist . . . Eden has crafted a beacon for all of us who seek to light our creative soul."

Shari Cheves, designer/innovator

"Eden Maxwell is a brilliant and passionate artist who has explored, challenged, and mastered every facet of the creative process . . . from the trenches to the mountaintops, it’s all here: a powerful and pragmatic textbook for artists of every age and stage of development; a virtual how-to for creators embarking on the spiritual voyage of a lifetime."

Mary Anne Bartley, Artist-in-Residence: Villanova University, WHYY, PBS

"Eden Maxwell--a man of soul who is intent on integrating art, passion, writing, dharma, character, consciousness, culture, intuition, evolution, and the spirit--finds a wonderful home for all these concerns of heart and mind in this breakout book. An Artist Empowered is, indeed, a triumph over rejection and a 435-page primer for creators as promised on the cover . . . It's simply a magnificent achievement."

Janet Grace Riehl, poet/author, Sightlines: A Poet's Diary

"An Artist Empowered uniquely encourages artists to persevere despite rejection, making this book a welcome addition to any art student's reference library."

Sharon Steuer, artist/author, The Adobe Illustrator CS3 WOW! Book

"Eden Maxwell's delightfully rich book, An Artist Empowered, is a unique and fresh excursion on the artist's battle with rejection and represents the fruit of years of personal experience and considered reflection. Drawing from a diversity of resources and filled with clear and practical examples, it offers holistic encouragement and strength to those who aspire to create -- a 'star to every wand'ring bark' whose worth is simply invaluable."

—Emanuel E. Garcia, MD, poet/author, Chairman of Psychiatry, Hutt Hospital


The Stage

Ever feel like this?

“I have come to an unalterable decision—to go and live forever in Polynesia. Then I can end my days in peace and freedom, without thoughts of tomorrow and this eternal struggle against idiots.”

—Paul Gauguin, 1894

A Primer for Creators

To get a feel for the scope of the work, I invite you to look at the table of contents and the prologue via the book preview link in the sidebar. You can also view the front and back cover and read the press release linked to as well in the sidebar. Option: for your convenience, right clicking on these links will download a pdf of the material to your computer desktop. If necessary, you can download Adobe Reader for free to view pdf files.

Faith in the Compass

Let’s get our bearings. My motto is this: No thing is obvious and no thing goes without saying. You have made an unwavering commitment to your art; withdrawing to an island paradise in the South Seas is not on the itinerary—yet. You have produced a body of work. Secure in your unique vision, you have set a course, a destination called your audience—you may even have tasted a seductive morsel of recognition. The rite of passage from being unknown to public awareness can feel as if you’re trekking uphill through an endless minefield of hardships strewn with rejections. Make no mistake. It’s your life; it’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s about survival and endurance for reaching realms as yet uncharted; and you will need extraordinary abilities for the journey.

Fortunately, there is good news. If you’re wise to the booby traps, you can get there from here without becoming another emotionally scarred casualty of the art business. How to deftly diffuse the impact of rejection and disappointment while building confidence is a skill that can be acquired by anyone motivated to learn; practicing this skill over time strengthens character, which is among the most treasured of prizes because, as the master said: character answers all questions.

Self-Evident in Time

The popular belief goes that it’s easy to deal with rejection when your work is selling. Not so. Even celebrated artists are not immune to self-doubt, positive reviews (Can there ever be enough to satisfy?), negative reviews (the only ones remembered), creative blocks, or feeling spiritually vacuum cleaned, trapped in a style now demanded of them by their dealers and the buying tyranny of the public. Remember the words of the profits: crowd pleasing comes at a price. By developing awareness, a healthy attitude, and self-reliance as early on as possible in your art life, you’ll have an edge to sustain you during the daunting process of 'growing' from obscurity to visibility. If you’re going to ask for approval, prepare yourself for the consequences—whatever they might be. Remember, to survive success you must first ride out rejection in good form and character.

The Crucible of Art

There are tiers of rejection from childhood onward, from lost loves, lost jobs, lost elections, lost determination, to lost face. No one wants to feel devalued, devastated, or worn down by rejection. Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, explains that the dream job goes to those who know how to get it, not necessarily to those most qualified for the job. It’s not enough to know what you want; you must find a means of straddling the hurdles to make the connections. Studies of savvy job-hunters show that those who repeatedly succeed depend upon effective methods to accomplish their goals—and that goes for artists, too.»





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