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Presenting one’s art must not be an afterthought.

Since we view things in context, it is essential that the art be introduced in a manner becoming the quality of the work.

It is my experience that, for the artist who is not yet well-known, the optimum scenario is this: the patron visits the artist in his studio. The connoisseur buys not only the art, but the artist as well. If a specific work or two speaks to the art lover, he or she may acquire them in the studio setting.

To prove his passion and confirm his credibility, an artist must have a body of work. These exhibits establish my commitment and the quality of my work.

For my audience in the 21st century, I have put together a series of exhibits, which I will change with time. The Limited Edition Series and Recent works are collections of paintings over time.

I've arranged the exhibits by themes, not medium, that evolved from the work spontaneously. Click the artist's note icon on the gallery navigation bar for Framing the View: an introduction to each exhibit. Keep in mind that an artist has no medium; this knowledge had great liberating power.

I invite you to engage the work. Switch off thinking. Turn on feeling. Find your way and your self into an aesthetic moment.»

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