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In his small masterpiece Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities, Dr. Deepak Chopra writes that the material in the book is highly concentrated and that it must first be metabolized and experienced in the reader’s consciousness for results to take place. This tip to the reader is invaluable and organically true. This book is a gem because it not only describes the qualities you must be aware of, but the precise mechanism to fulfill your desires.

Among the various natural attributes of an affluent consciousness that Deepak Chopra lists are gratitude, generosity, and God.

Are you thankful to any one for any thing?

Are you a giving soul who spreads wealth in all its forms? Gratitude is a great liberating force, a crucible for harmony and balance. Gratitude is grounding and keeps you in the center of humility. And generosity cannot exist without gratitude; these noble attributes are forever joined at the cosmic hip. The act of giving creates the dynamic for receiving.

When you honestly feel gratitude you are living in the present moment, which is where creation takes place. It takes no special talent to want more and more; this insatiable wanting of things knows no end, or gratitude.

It takes awareness to live in fulfillment now and for that you can be grateful. The past is dead and the future is yet another dream.

Express your gratitude and appreciation at every opportunity. People will take notice of it and so will you. Give and support others to your best ability. Do not attach strings to your generosity because they will ultimately ensnare and defeat you. Allow generosity to flow seamlessly from your soul; generosity motivated purely by public relations value has no spirit of gratitude.

When you receive, do so graciously.

Remember, God is the field of all possibilities, also called the unified field in physics, which is the non-material matrix from which all material reality is born. Gratitude and generosity are attributes of God who is pure awareness; and it is pure awareness that we want to touch. As Dr. Chopra suggests, since no one is more affluent than God, why not adopt God as your role model.

Be grateful now and the doors of heaven will open when you knock. And as an artist, I knock every day.»

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