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soul of fine art

Kafka and I:

Angst for the Memories


My name is Axel and if you’re like me, you want to make a positive difference in this world—a job that is, surprisingly, always hard. If you’re like me you’ve discovered not all people are created equal; there are many levels of consciousness to deal with.

You are what you do. I’m not necessarily talking about your job that puts bread on the table. I’m talking about your character, your action in times of crisis when it matters. I’m talking about your spiritual diet. You are what you consume. So, pilgrim, a little soul food from God has got to taste good.

I’ll speak plainly. If you’ve been honest, you’ve already found out there’s a hefty price tag dangling on such an ambitious objective as being a person of good character.

If you don’t swallow the concept of God, either looking over your shoulder from heaven or as an avatar participating in reality down here among us mortals, there’s always irony to put you in your place.

All the bases are covered.

Who’s on first?

It’s always you.

I found that out.»

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