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No Whining: And I mean it


whine (hwhn, whn) v. whined whinäing whines v. intr. 1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint. 2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion, often in an annoyingly plaintive voice. 3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch: jet engines whining. v. tr.

No whining here refers specifically to definition number two as shown above. There is more to whining than irritation; scratch a whiner and you most assuredly will not find a winner.

Whining projects a negative image of the one engaged in the futile act. If misery loves company, then do your self a great service and find new friends who don’t dwell there. If you are the whiner, you can choose to excise the thorn from your psyche at any time and make being around you a delight instead of a drag. Whining is chronic; it is not the once in a while casual complaint.

Whiners are victims and by my experience, spiritual vampires who insidiously drain the life force. Victim-no-more is the mantra and the way forward toward evolution. No complaining. No blaming. No bouts of ego-induced self-sabotage. No shooting your self in the foot. Remove the stings and barbs from your vocabulary. Remove the angst of jealousy. Stop comparing your self with others. Stop wishing and start dreaming, for waking dreams lead to dynamic actions that transform impossible ambitions into fact. If you are fortunate enough to know that this life is about making dreams come true, then you can begin directing the scenes of your own life. Know that the whole you, the non-whining you, the grounded you, the art-conscious you, need covet nothing. Know that art is the magic entrance to the kingdom. You need only knock, open the door, and have the will to enter.

Whining has relatives, bored and excuses to name two. If you are bored, then you are boring. Excuses. I can’t paint because the light isn’t right; I can’t paint with people watching me; I don’t have a studio; I don’t have a studio that’s big enough; I don’t have the right color oils; I can’t write at night; I can’t compose in the morning; and all the “I cannot’s and do not’s” in the universe are impotent beliefs that keep the thinker a prisoner from entering the land called “can do.” Count and keep a log of how many negative thoughts you have in a single day; the number and their cumulative effect will startle you into awareness.

Artists as a group are no different than any other group. There are generous artists, and there are cheap artists. There are gregarious artists, and there are reclusive artists. There are temperamental artists, and there are balanced artists. The list goes on. While artists who are whiners may even be famous and externally successful, it is the non-whining artist who ultimately triumphs in the grandeur of the big picture. Not buffeted by the whims of public taste, the non-whining artist’s draws her success from self-discipline, knowing that she touches God when she works. The rest of it is marketing, politics, and timing, elements that play their part in direct proportion to her dedication. The same grace for non-whining is available to the civilian as well.

When the whining habit finally withers away and the focus becomes one’s work in gratitude and appreciation, the house of complaining airs out and becomes vacant of negativity. At this juncture, you come to realize that there is always plenty of room at the top.

Now you are ready to truly wine and dine with the gifts and blessings that you have earned as a “whine-free” spirit.»

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