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My Odyssey So Far


When you meet people do you want them to gush out all over you with their chronological list of accomplishments and other milestones they consider worth mentioning?

Are you game to find out what the movie is about for yourself, or do you rely on the critics?

You define your self by how you approach the new, the unfamiliar, the unexplored, the unexplained, the untested, and, dare I say it, the as yet unreviewed.

Approach with no preconceived notions. Or, as Buckminster Fuller, put it: “Dare to be naive.” He placed this piece of advice in the opening to his marvelous book, Synergetics: The Geometry of Thinking.

Two items here might get lost in the translation.

At its essence, Fuller is saying to be open minded; have the courage to question that which you don’t understand. Then, if we delve deeper, we come to learn that the subtitle of his book is not merely thinking about geometry, but more precisely what it says—the physical means of how we think is geometric in nature—beyond the molecular and down to the subatomic level.

Fuller’s approach to discovery was straightforward. What elevated his work from mainstream science to inspired science is that he took you on his journey. He told you how he came to various conclusions—so you could see for your self. He realized it made no sense to reinvent the wheel and there was work already done that had merit and could be trusted. He investigated things and would often ask others if they knew of anyone else who was doing the same thing he was and in the same manner.

Above all, Fuller was human. After suffering a tragic loss, he contemplated suicide. Instead of falling into the abyss, he went toward the light and made a commitment to unravel the secrets of Universe. He would contribute to humanity. In his world vocabulary, it was Universe, not “the” Universe; there was no need for using the definite article “the” before Universe—the word that described it all. He approached Universe with humility. After all, we don’t say we’re going to explore “the” nature.

Fuller kept himself honest. He dared to be naive.

The Emperor’s New Clothes: this classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale brilliantly mirrors the ego and self-awareness. Is the Emperor wearing clothes, or not? And do you have the conviction to call it as you see it when the moment comes?

With this perspective in mind, I welcome you to experience this site as an organic, non-linear autobiography through my art and words.

This website is my resume.

With that said, the accompanying “be-attitudes” sidebar is a free flowing stream of feelings and events that I recall that have set the foundation of my character. And, as you will find here and there on my site: Character answers all questions—a fine lesson I had earned and learned from a master artist and communicator.

Remember, many are called; few choose to go.»

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