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Dear Art Collector:

The finest materials, skill, and passion for art make these Limited Edition Prints a meaningful and valuble addition to any collection of fine art.

Your edition is printed on acid-free museum quality paper; rich archival pigment inks are used to achieve vibrant and subtle color detail. Each print is matted with acid-free 4-ply conservation quality board, signed, and ready for framing.

Each fine art print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity embossed with the artist’s signature seal.


The works in this series came to life through the wonder of intuitive information, which flows from consciousness. Each piece began as an energetic color field—often wild, intense, and complex; the next challenge was to liberate the art from the field of all possibilities.

These paintings do not illustrate; objective, abstract, or nonobjective—the art itself and how it came to be is the subject. Beyond the mosaic of shape and form we find feeling and order.

To paraphrase Duke Ellington: if it looks good, it is good.

For more about the process of art, see my Artist's Statement.


Each limited edition print is an original work created for this series.

Only 25 of each edition will be printed. No further prints will be produced. Each print is numbered in pencil by the artist near his signature as follows: 1/25, 2/25 and so on, indicating the sequence of prints in the series.

There is no mass printing run of thousands, or the warehousing of art. I print each piece to order in my studio; this personal attention insures quality control and superior prints.

Shipping—No Charge

Free shipping via FedEX or Priority Mail in the United States.

Note: For International orders, please me with your complete address for the shipping rate.

Acquiring Art

When a piece speaks to you, I would, of course, love for you to acquire it; I write acquire as it reflects an attitude that suggests a genteel transition, transaction, and possession that dovetails with art created from the soul.

To view my new series of Limited Edition Prints, or the other exhibits, click the appropriate link in the sidebar to your right and enjoy.»


Fly High, Land Gently,


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